Letters From Loyal Customers


My experiences at Gillman have always been stellar.

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Great job by Patrick getting me into a new Outback. I had an appointment in the afternoon and was pressed for time. Patrick made it happen. The finance manager, Storm, was also very helpful and tolerated my tight schedule. Thanks Guys ! 

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Would like to express my appreciation to my sales lady (Brenda). She was very patient - considerate and helpful in my purchase of the Subaru Outback. She was excellent in every way including tying up loose ends. I feel fortunate to have found her. She made the purchase experience pleasant and easy. Kudoos to Brenda - Thank you Brenda!

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September 15, 2015

To Chris and Stacey Gillman -
On the eve of my 2015 Subaru Forester's first 6 month "physical", I am reminded that I had not taken these few moments to commend you on the amazing staff you employ at Subaru North!
I experienced a rather unique mechanical issue on a brand new Subaru Forester only weeks after purchasing it.  The event paralleled with my being notified of a serious health issue which would probably involve follow up and possible trips between The Woodlands and downtown Houston.  Your team at Subaru North responded with an expedient, pro-active resolve that, not only, reflected polished professionalism but unprecedented teamwork.  I was handled with compassion and genuine enthusiasm to please a Subaru customer.  They projected as a unified force without a single trace of contest among them.  The "players" involved specifically were:

Tim Jamerson, New Car Manager
Moe-Hmar-Lagroun, Sales Manager
Me-ly Cunningham, my Sales Consultant
Storm Pogue, Finance Manager
Kyle Munnings, Service Advisor
So it is with a sincere heart and the expertise of my newly retired 32 year business management career that  I thank you for making my experience at Subaru a truly memorable one!  If the Wharton School of Business ever wanted to document a study on the components of true professionalism, they need only to observe your most worthy team at Subaru North.  They were a blessing to me!  Bravo!  Well done!

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, June 19, 2015 7:05 AM

To: GM Team Gillman Subaru North
Subject: Sale of Subaru Forester to Team Gillman Subaru North

In early June, I came to Team Gillman Subaru North to sell my car. I had recently been laid-off by BP and  because I'm not an American citizen, I was obliged to leave the country within ten days of my final day with the company. There was therefore some urgency with the sale of the car.

On my visit to Gillman Subaru North, I was met by the used car manager, Matt Jones . He was courteous and very helpful. He gave me an estimate for the purchase of my car and although it wasn't optimal from my point of view, I was in no position to argue, it was reasonable so I accepted it. I think Matt Jones was somewhat surprised that I didn't quibble his offer!!!!

Following my acceptance, Matt Jones was able to clear all the paperwork swiftly and efficiently and all was completed except for the payment which would have reached my mailbox after I'd left the USA.

He, together with Tim Jameson, managed to work out a way for me to sign the back of the check on the day it was issued and have it sent by Fedex to my bank on the late afternoon before I was due to leave the US.

Finally, as we had no transport, Matt Jones arranged for transport for my wife and me back to our apartment.

I would just like to sincerely thank both of your managers, especially Matt Jones, for making a potentially troublesome transaction, easy and pleasant.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015 8:56 AM

To: GM Team Gillman Subaru North
Subject: 2015 Legacy 2.5i Premium

We purchased a 2015 Legacy 2.5i Premium from Team Gillman Subaru North and found that dealing with Brenda Johnson was easy. She was able to locate the exact car with the equipment that we wanted at Subaru railhead in Dallas. The vehicle was delivered in about a week to the dealership and we added window tint and body side moldings. It's a great car and my wife loves it. Overall the purchase part was easy, although haggling about the trade-in was a nuisance and I thought unnecessary. We traded in an exceptionally clean 2000 Corolla with 45,000 miles on the odometer, and Gillman sold it the next day. I am sure the dealer was happy with that result, and we are happy with the Legacy. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a Subaru.

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November 3rd, 2014

To: GM Team Gillman Subaru North
Subject: Sales Rep Felicia Cooley

Mr. Yeong:

I would like to take this opportunity to let you how much we enjoyed purchasing our Subaru Forester through your Subaru Sales Rep., Felicia Cooley.  She was a joy during the whole process.  She has  a wonderful attitude, lots patience and a friendly smile. 
Truly, an asset to Team Gillman Subaru.

I worked for a major airline for 36.5 years, so I have a good feel how important it is to have a friendly individual representing  your company in her capacity.  Today, good, friendly and hard working individuals are almost non-existing, which is why service levels in most businesses has gone by the wayside.
Our association with Gillman has been a very good experience.  I had the new mirrors installed on 11-3-14 and the service level I received from your Service Department was also excellent.  You'r the type of company I enjoy doing business with, because I am confident if anything goes wrong with the  vehicle during the warranty period, I will not have to hassle anybody to get the problem corrected. 
Again, I enjoyed meeting you during the buying process and hopefully we will be able to do business in the future.

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October 30th, 2014

Date: October 30, 2014
To: GM Team Gillman Subaru North
Subject: Team Gillman Subaru North

Good Morning Mr. Won.
I am happy to state I did purchase a new 2014 XVC Crosstrek last night.  My experience with Team Gillman Subaru North was terrific!   I also must tell you that my experience with your competitor on IH10 was not wonderful which prompted me to go elsewhere. It just so happened that I met a lady in the parking lot of the other dealership on a Sunday afternoon and she shared her experience  with them and she was not happy or satisfied with it.  She told me that she went to Gillman North and received a good offer and was treated with respect and fairness.  She said the Internet salesman was super.
During our chat, I told her that I made an appointment with them because I saw a vehicle I liked and wanted to discuss further and perhaps my dealing with them would produce a positive outcome.  She wished me luck. Needless to say it was a disturbing conversation and the sales manager's approached was unprofessional.  I won't go into all the details but please know that my daughter and I walked out of the dealership with our minds made up that we were not going to give our business to them.  The whole experience was unsettling.  I have purchased a new cars in the past and have always received honest information and no pressure to buy what I don't want.
The following day I called your dealership to speak with someone who could assist me and I was directed to Patrick Clausen.  Patrick was very friendly and said he could meet with me that day.  I made the appointment for 4pm.  When I arrived he greeted me and showed me to his office.  I explained about my unpleasant experience with your competitor and he was a very good listener.  He was honest and fair.  I told him exactly what I wanted to purchase and to make a fair offer in price and I would paid the full amount by way of a personal check.  He showed me the Crosstrek in the color I wanted and with the features I wanted.  It was perfect.  This was the SUV for me.  I told him that I could leave a deposit and come back the following day with a check and he said "Your word is good with me" and no deposit was necessary.  I could give him a call in the morning with a time I would be stopping by.  He even said he would hold my check until I told him the funds were in the bank.  Wow, who does these kind of deals?
Patrick was professional, respectful and transparent.  He made me a fair offer and I was sold.  He is an asset to your staff!  Please recognize his efforts and talents which I am sure you do.  He made the whole experience pleasant.  My daughter and I both will be sharing this vehicle and sometime next year I hope to pass this vehicle on to her and then purchase another Subaru from Gillman and want to work with Patrick again.
Thank you.

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October 3rd, 2014

Took my son's truck in for service and some other problems. Donnie in service took care of our case and saved us lots of money negotiating with the warranty company. Donnie always does a great job and is extremely professional as well as being the nicest guy to deal with. Thanks to Donnie I'll be coming back to your establishment again and again.


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Thanks for the great relaxing, straightforward car buying experience.  What a pleasure.   Special thanks to Partick C.  I've bought a couple of dozen autos in my day, but don't recall a smoother, more pleasant experience.  He was informed, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, polite--you'd have thought he was the buyer and that he was shopping for the car for his father or his son.  All communication was via telephone or email and every single detail--down to the penny--was exactly what he said it would be--no surprises, "I-forgot-to-tell-you," "oh, I-guess-you-misunderstood-me," etc.  Take him out to lunch, give him the rest of the day off, give him a raise and try to hire more like him.

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

Thank You! We just bought our new Subaru Forester from Team Gillman Subaru North. Patrick is the best. We found a shipment coming in about 3 weeks ago, e-mailed him he put a hold on it for us. Gave us the price and date. Due to work and time we had to delay a week to get there. Patrick locked our keys in his office so it could not be sold to anyone else. We called, walked in and a couple hours later walked out. We received great service great financing and the the Forester we wanted. Best deal and service on a new car ever and we have bought new before. So I say THANK YOU!

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

Hi Edwin,

Apologies for not stopping Saturday night to say good bye. I was too excited to drive-off my new BRZ.

Just wanted to drop you a line and to say "Thank you" for the excellent service, the extra mile you went to get me the vehicle I wanted so much and also to keep me in the Subaru family.

This is my Subaru number 6 and it is the best one so far.

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

Let me tell you how seldom I am pleased to walk into a dealership and buy a new car.  I have a love/hate relationship with the whole process.  Mike changed my mind about all that.
I applied online about 3-4 in the morning.  Before 8 am, he had picked out the car for me and was waiting to go to show it to me.  We had a brief conversation and zeroed in on exactly what I was looking for---color and all--- and we set an appointment for noon that day.
At noon, the very car was waiting for me--all shiny and bright--to test drive.  He had listened to everything that I had to say and the car was exactly what I was looking for.  The test drive made me fall in love.  Mike let the car sell itself with a little help from his showing me its outstanding features.
Mike heard what I had to say regarding negotiations and we came to an agreement rather quickly.  The car was ready to drive home that afternoon and I could not have been more satisfied.
Kudos to Mike for a job well done.  He didn't waste my time, listened to exactly what I had to say, and was very pleasant in the process.  I would buy my next car from Mike even though I have never bought a Subaru before and quite frankly it had not initially been my first choice.  Mike changed all that around for me.  It is also of note that your dealership is the farthest from my house.  Mike was worth traveling to. 
Thank you again,

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

Wonderful car-buying experience. I dreaded shopping for a car, but Patrick C, Internet Sales Manager, made it a pleasant experience. I purchased my Subaru Forester from Team Gillman Subaru North because I liked his easy-going personality and the way he explained things thoroughly in terms I could understand. He even called me AFTER I bought the car and offered to answer questions. I ALSO GOT A GREAT DEAL ON A GREAT CAR. Very happy with it!

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about my experience purchasing a Forester this week. 

My salesman was Hassan E.  I have purchased or leased a number of vehicles over the years, and I have never received better service nor attention which enabled me to make and informed decision.   Also, after the sale when I came to pick up the Subaru, he spent the necessary time with me to make sure I understood the features, etc. 

It was also a pleasure working with Mrs. Stacie T. who was great in explaining the financing involved in the transaction.  After we finalized the transaction I later decided to change the financing arrangement.  She did so without complaining and arranged the change to my satisfaction. 

Both of these individuals are a credit to your organization.


Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer
Thank you Yeong!  OUTSTANDING job!
Jerry Reynolds "The Car Pro"
President, Car Pro Radio Networks

Syndicated Talk Show Host
Newspaper Columnist
Auto Industry Expert

Jerry "The Car Pro",

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! And for answering my many questions.
With your help, I happily purchased a new 2011 Subaru Tribeca Touring last Saturday from Team Gillman Subaru North.  I told Yoeng Won that you sent me there and he took good care of me.  He set me up with Patrick Clausen, his internet manager, and it was a wonderful experience - no hassles, straight talk, no tricks, not even from the finance department.
I have confirmed, at least in my mind,  that you helped me get the best price.  I sent out bid requests to multiple dealers and both Gillman shops comeback with the best offer out of 5 dealers.  I traded in a 2006 Prius and got a better price than offered from IQ Autobuyers (who were also good to work with).  I think that is pretty conclusive evidence.
By the way, the sales guy at another unnamed shop in Houston irritated me enough to take them out of the running, plus they lost my service business.
My wife is happy with the Tribeca.  I am happy with the price.  Gillman upped their volume.  And you should be proud of what you do.  Good work all around.
I will recommend you to all my friends and associates looking to buy an automobile.
Thanks again,


Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

Dear Ms. Gillman-Wimbish:

I just wanted to take a moment to share my very positive experience. On March 30, 2011 my wife and I visited you Subaru North dealership. We had previously leased a 2009 Outback 3.0R from you and were very pleased with the experience. Frankly, we were very pleased with the vehicle, but just decided to view the new 2011 model. We were greeted by your Sales Professional, Patrick Clausen who was very professional and cordial. He asked if we would be interested in driving a new 2011. We explained we had a year left on our lease term and probably were not in a position to re-lease or purchase a new vehicle at this time. He said we were certainly under no obligation, so we opted for the test drive. We returned home and had a message from Patrick advising that we might be able to surrender our current lease and re-lease a new vehicle at slightly lower payments. Based on a current promotion/manufacturer incentive, the transaction would need to happen by 3/31/2011. We decided to return to meet with Patrick last evening and ended up driving home a new 2011 Subaru Limited. I have purchased/leased over 30 vehicles in my life, and in most cases I would have preferred a root canal. Not the case here!!!! Patrick and your Business Manager Stacie couldn't have been nicer! We still can't believe the deal and how easy they made the transaction. And, what they estimated in payments were what we ended up paying! Congratulations to you and your Subaru North team! You have a Great Dealership. We'll be back.


Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru of North Houston Customer
To Whom This May Concern,

I wanted you to know what an excellent service department you have at Team Gillman Subaru North. I have owned my 2006 Subaru Outback for a little over 3 years and have had all my maintenance performed by them. Melissa Marek has been and continues to be a wonderful asset to your team. She's helpful, polite and a pleasure to speak with. When I eventually trade-in my Outback, I will be heading to them to put me in my next Subaru. Thank you to all of you that make my experience so pleasant.

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

I have bought several vehicles over the years and had never considered the Subaru brand. That all changed in April of 2009 when I met Diego (of Subaru USA) at a fund raising event called "Spring Bark".  Diego had several Subaru's on display and I was able to talk to him about your brand . I was impressed with the quality, safety features, design and value of your vehicles however at the time I did not need a to purchase a vehicle.

I saw Diego again this last April at the same event and it started me thinking about a car for my daughter. I was looking for a well built car with wonderful safety features, good looking design and within the price range I was considering.

This last Saturday my wife and I stopped by your dealership on  I-45 North (Team Gillman Subaru North) to look at used Subaru's for my daughter. After a few minutes, your salesman Mike LeRoy introduced himself to us and we began to look at cars.

As time went on we narrowed down our search to one particular vehicle and we then took it for a test drive. During the entire time that Mike was introducing us to your brand and why we should but a Subaru, my wife and I were impressed with his knowledge of the product, the features and the benefits. Mike's wonderful demeanor and professionalism stood out very clearly to us. As a result, we bought the vehicle for my daughter and we took delivery yesterday afternoon. To my surprise, Mike took the time to fully brief her on features of car and gave her a complete explanation of the safety aspects  of a Subaru.

 I have copied my wife, Gemma, on this note and we both want to complement you and your staff at the  I-45 North store (Gillman Subaru North). Because of them and especially Mike LeRoy, we would not hesitate to refer people we know to your dealership and particularly Mike.

Needless to say my daughter is flying a 50,000 feet with her 2009 Impreza and we were pleased to have such a fantastic buying experience.

On a related matter, I would encourage your management team to continue to support the "Spring Bark" fund raiser and other events that make sense from a business standpoint. I offer this advice since it appears that although the Subaru brand is very popular in other parts of the country, I don't think it is that well known here in  Texas.  You have a wonderful product to sell and I think the more opportunities you have to physically take this product to the public the more success you will enjoy.

Another Loyal and Satisfied Team Gillman Subaru North Customer

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