When Should I Get New Tires?

when should i get new tires?

The tires are one part on the car, truck, or SUV that we don't really ever pay attention to, until there's a failure. Even if the tires seem unaffected, there could be underlying issues ready to surface. Getting new tires may improve your fuel efficiency, boost performance (especially in emergency situations), improve reliability, and reduce the chance of damage from a tire blowout. We can help you judge the positives and negatives of not switching tires at the right time if you have concerns about getting tires too early.

What Are The Risks of Not Replacing Your Car's Tires?

The decreased safety of your car is the most concerning risk of not switching your tires. Old tires may lengthen braking intervals and diminish traction in emergency circumstances. The next time a car cuts you off it will take even more time to brake and be more challenging to avoid. Even if you don't encounter an emergency situation, the frustration of having to replace a flat is an event most of us would choose to prevent. As an alternative, the perks of changing fatigued tires is that it will take less space to stop in dangerous situations and you'll have better maneuverability to avoid such conditions. Plus, you won't be forced to get your hands grimy fixing a flat tire on the side of the highway.

Replacing Tires: How to Tell When it's Time

It is important to understand when you should replace your vehicle's tires. We suggest 2 easy systems to understand when it is time to change your current tires. The 1st way is knowing the age of the tires. If your tires are more than 6 years old, then you need to change them. The second method in figuring out if you ought to replace your tires is measuring the tread depth. The acknowledged minimum safe tread depth is 2/32 inches. You should change your tires if your tires have reached that depth.

how to gauge tire tread depth

Tire Tread Depth: How to Gauge It

But how do I figure out what my tread depth is? You can get specially designed gauges that will figure out just how much tread depth there is. Those instruments are perfect if you have to know the precise tread depth, but if you just want to figure out if you need to replace your tires all that you need is a solitary penny. Orientate the penny so Abraham Lincoln's head is downward facing and lower it into the tire tread. If his head is even with the tire tread, then you ought to start looking to replace your tires.

how long can i keep my tires?

Do Tires Become Unsafe Over Time?

Tires that are six years old (or older), then you need to change them, even if they appear to have tread remaining. Extended exposure to the sun, heat, and other factors will cause the tire to break down over time. Air leaks and/or blow outs could be more prone to develop when your tire begins to break down. The warning signs of the tires breaking down might be color fading, brittleness, and cracks in the tire itself. If you observe any of these warning signs you may want to replace your tires at once.

what are my options after a blowout?

What Are My Options After a Blowout?

If you have a blowout you may be tempted to just replace the tire that broke down. Depending on your car, truck, or SUV and the tread depth still on the other tires it may be suggested that you switch out 2 or maybe even all four tires and that is normal. If the tread depth on all of your tires are not the same it can cause irregular tire wear and excess wear on your drivetrain. It is suggested that when switching out a tire that you also switch out the matching tire on the other side. Replace both front tires or both back tires, never 1 tire by itself. The one special case is All-Wheel Drive vehicles. All four tires must be switched out to make sure the system operates accurately.

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