Extended Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties: Three Benefits

what is an extended vehicle warranty

Bumper-to-Bumper vs Extended Car Warranties

An Extended Auto Warranty is an optional service contract which offers extended automobile assurance that surpasses the standard manufacturer warranty. Auto Warranties are typically available in two different forms, Bumper-to-Bumper and Powertrain. Only the engine and transmission is commonly safeguarded in a Powertrain Warranty. While a Bumper-to-Bumper Auto Warranty may cover virtually every part on your car (some exceptions apply). Extended Warranties don't cover repairs caused by careless behavior and normally do not cover wear items like brake pads, air filters, engine oil, or tires. Depending on the warranty, the Auto Warranty might also come with extra like Travel Interruption Reimbursement, free satellite radio trial period, Rental Car Reimbursement, and even Roadside Assistance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Extended Car Warranties

The biggest reason to select an Extended Warranty is to save money on repairs. If your engine system fails you might be responsible for a costly repair, without an Extended Warranty. The same bill may only require a modest payment to be made, if you have a Powertrain Warranty. The Extended Auto Warranty would pay for the rest of the repair bill provided the failure and parts are included in the contract. If you change your vehicles a lot an Extended Auto Warranty will still be advantageous but someone that keeps a vehicle for many years will see the biggest reward. The years and miles can cause parts to deteriorate, even on the most dependable vehicles. An Auto Warranty can diminish the worry of long-term vehicle ownership.

benefits of an extended auto warranty personalized for your needs

Available to Fit Your Needs

An Extended Warranty allows you to decide the length of your vehicle warranty. Traditional manufacturer warranties often offer a shorter bumper-to-bumper warranty and a longer powertrain extended warranty. By picking an extended warranty you could prolong the bumper-to-bumper warranty to parallel the powertrain warranty and have the best possible coverage for your car. Our service professionals can help sift through the plans and choose the one that is best.

easily financed

Added Directly to Your Car Loan

When you get an Extended Vehicle Warranty from us we will take care of it all, just get the car here and foot the bill for the deductible. You don't have to take time and effort to submit receipts and wait for reimbursement. We know that not having your car can be frustrating, so we offer easy one-stop shopping for all Extended Vehicle Warranty needs.

peace of mind delivered

More Peace of Mind

When a part breaks, an Extended Warranty offers peace of mind. If you are a gambler you may want to save a few bucks and take on the prospect of expensive repair bills. If you cannot pay for a costly repair on your own, then you may want the security of an Extended Auto Warranty. A vehicle purchase can be costly, so securing the utmost safeguard of that expense seems shrewd.

Subaru Extended Vehicle Warranties In Houston

Discover the full range of Subaru vehicle warranties available in the Houston area. Contact the Gillman Subaru North dealership today and find out how simple and convenient an extended warranty can be.

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