Driver Assist Technology: Subaru EyeSight®

Driver Assist Technology: Subaru EyeSight®  Gillman Subaru North - Houston TX

Helping You Stay Safe on the Drive

Having an extra foot on the brake and more eyes on the road, can you picture it? The Subaru Crosstrek with Eyesight® makes it achievable.

subaru eyesight safety technology

Keeping You On The Safest Path with Updates

The EyeSight® Technology has been constantly growing since it first burst on the scene Among the newest advancements you will locate in the Subaru Crosstrek is the new Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering. Drivers can choose a safe following range with this feature. A warning will be triggered if drivers move out of their lane.

subaru eyesight backseat passenger reminder

No One Forgotten

Your people are our people here at Subaru. Subaru EyeSight® in the Crosstrek includes the Back Seat Reminder. This tech was constructed to ensure your little ones are never left alone in the back seat. Your children will never be left unattended as the technology will alert you to view the rear seat before leaving the Crosstrek.

automatic brakes subaru eyesight

Pump The Brakes

Just imagine having faster, almost automatic reactions. The Pre-Collision Braking system included in the EyeSight® Technology makes that achievable. Reduce or even avoid frontal fender-benders, thanks to this technology on the brand-new Crosstrek. In some emergency conditions the system can even fully engage the brakes, in addition to alerting you to warn of an approaching accident. The Pre-Collision Braking system is just one other way Subaru Eyesight ® keeps other drivers, you, and pedestrians safe